I am an FHA-approved, certified residential appraiser in the state of California.  My license number is AR034868.

There are strict laws and ethical standards regarding conflicts of interest where an appraiser also serves in the sale of real estate.  I will never do anything that would compromise the integrity or high standing of my appraisal business.  Buyers and sellers must understand:

•  Appraisal is regulated by state and federal governments, and is performed in compliance to legal requirements, using specific procedures and forms.

•  Sellers choose the list price - I don't make that decision for them.  A seller's list price does not constitute an appraisal by me.

•  Buyers decide what to offer on a property;  I don't make that decision for them.  A buyer's offer price does not constitute an appraisal by me.

•  I cannot/will not appraise any property in which I have a personal or business relationship with either the buyer or seller.

•  I cannot list any property that I have appraised in the last eight months.  (My rule.)

•  I do not give referrals to specific lenders, to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

•  Buyers and sellers must sign a disclosure testifying to their agreement and understanding of these conditions.

Appraisal is my primary business and I abide by the highest ethical standards in its practice.  While this does place some limitations on me with regard to real estate sales, it also enables me to offer a more comprehensive high-quality service to a smaller number of real estate clients each year.

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