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A quick bio, etc.

I was born and raised in Michigan, in a small town named East Tawas, right on the shores of Lake Huron.  It was a great place to grow up!  (It is rather odd that I've ended up in a town that has no water, huh?  But it has SUN!)  I have also lived in Arizona, Wisconsin and Colorado.  I moved to southern California from Colorado as a part of a company transfer in 1987.   I lived in various cities in Orange County, for about ten years prior to moving to the desert.

I was raised in the era of Snoopy and Mr. Spock;  you'll have to guess my age from that!  I'm blue-eyed, brown-haired (though I have my blonde moments), around 185 pounds (usually) and about 6 feet.  I'm not a 'gym rat,' but you will find me at Gold's doing my best to keep myself in one piece;  I don't know that I'm succeeding, but I'm in fair shape overall.


I have a good sense of humor, but it tends to be rather dry.  I can't remember a joke for more than a day, so I tend to wing it, making them up as I go.  (As I can't remember my own jokes either, you can probably tell them back to me tomorrow with fair results.)


I bought a great home with my best friend, in 1998; it's located in the Deepwell area of south Palm Springs.  This is a wonderful neighborhood, with a safe and friendly atmosphere.  I highly recommend it! 

We are both big-time dog-lovers.  We have two Golden Retrievers. 

<< Casey is three years old now and still manages to chase his own tail while running down the hall - eventually getting too dizzy to stand.  He will find something he should not have (like this paper towel) and then taunt you with it in an effort to get you to chase him...  Play, play, play!

>> Verdin was adopted, and is about four years old.   This guy is a ball player & will fall asleep with a tennis ball in his mouth.   He has learned how to carry two tennis balls at once, and is working on three.  Unfortunately, he couldn't catch a ball if you dropped it into his mouth.  He will get all four feet into the air to catch it, miss it, then pounce on it like a cat.  Yep, dogs are just no end of fun.

Verdin and Casey became best friends within 3 seconds;  they sleep side-by-side and wake up ready to play - quite often at 6 AM...   It's always fun to watch them - but they're more than 80 pounds each, so it's best done from a distance!  They growl as if they're trying to kill each other, but when you call to them, they stop and look at you, like "what's up, dad?"

Oh yeah - this was supposed to be about me!  Well - I hold a B.S. in Management from Pepperdine University, as well  as various other formal education including programming certificates in "C", "Visual Basic" and University of California / Riverside certification as an Oracle Database AdministratorFor the most part, I do my own website work.  

I am also an FHA-approved, Certified Real Estate Appraiser, in California.  (License: CAAR034868)  This knowledge provides definite advantages for buyers and sellers, but there are laws governing what I can and cannot do;  please see the link on Appraisals for more information on that. 


I love photography;  all the photography on this site are mine.  (Please respect my copyrights!) I also have an interest in writing and reading:  I am a sci-fi/fantasy fan.   I play pool, (the 8-ball kind) as well as IN the pool.

I am internet savvy - not just a browser, but a user.   I have the ability to complete most aspects of a transaction using the internet.  (But for those of you who prefer to stay away from high-tech, I can use snail-mail, faxes and at times, even hand delivery - your choice!)  Should you want to buy a house on-line, I'd be glad to supply a catalog of properties!!!  Please note that I have no return policy on homes and condos...   :-)   Some virtual imagery is possible for those who'd like to see a short movie of a specific property.

Previous corporate life has taught me some lessons and disciplines regarding professionalism and client satisfaction which complement the real estate profession nicely.   Client satisfaction is my personal objective - not just words - and I work at it with determination. 

If you have real estate needs, anytime or anywhere, I hope you will give me a call!  760-861-3957  Or e-mail me. (Please see the new Contact Page).

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Dave Brinkman, Broker, Realtor    
Cell Phone:  (760) 861-3957    Fax:  (760) 416-5870